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Who can join NIPA?

- 18 years old and older. There is no age limit to persons who can attend the institute, considering NIPA offers professional adult education.
- 16 to 18 years old persons who have completed their secondary education.
- The general public on Sint Maarten.
- The general public from Sint Maarten's surrounding islands.
- International students.

How can I join NIPA?

Simply follow the instructions in our admission page.
Note that the admission requirements might depend from the course you choose, and you will have to provide some copies of legal documents.

Where is NIPA?

NIPA is located on St. Maarten, in Cay Hill, nearby St. Maarten's medical center.
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Fees and Levels

What are the school fees?

Prices may vary depending on the course and context.
For specification please contact us directly.

Are there any financial aid available?

For information about financial aid, please visit the Governement of St. Maarten Study Financing's website.

What do all these levels mean, and how long do they last?

- Level 1: Duration: 1 year
A level 1 course trains you to become an assistant. As an assistant you will assist professionals. You receive instructions from your supervisor, and during your work you regularly report to your supervisor. You also work closely with colleagues.

- Level 2: Duration: 2 year
A level 2 course trains you to become a basic professional. As a basic professional you will work independently under guidance. You perform your own tasks and know when to call in help or refer a client to a colleague.

- Level 3: Duration: 3 year
A level 3 course trains you to be a professional. As a professional you work independently as well as work together with colleagues. You solve problems, find creative solutions and deal with all kinds of situations in your daily work.

- Level 4: Duration: 4 year
A level 4 course trains you to become a professional on a middle management or specialist level. You independently solve problems and deal with all kinds of situations. You also instruct, guide and coach coworkers that work on a SBO level 1, 2 or 3.

5 reasons
to join NIPA:

  1. If you live in St. Maarten / St. Martin, you won't need to leave family and friends while you pursue your studies.
  2. NIPA has a dedicated staff of professionals to guide, support and motivate you throughout your studies.
  3. You will gain technical and vocational skills at an affordable price.
  4. You will receive extensive opportunities for further education and career development.
  5. Your experience will be life-changing.
I love where I work, and NIPA has helped me grow in my job.
Jean Charles Mackenson
working at IGY Marinas,
St. Maarten Apprenticeship

Contact us

(+1 721) 543 0497

or (+1 721) 543 0498

Fax: (+1 721) 543 0479

Monday to Friday,
from 8h30 am to 4h00 pm

NIPA school St. Maarten National Institute for Professional Advancement

National Institute
for Professional Advancement

Building B, Jackal Road #4
Cay Hill, St. Maarten.

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